XML sitemap

Каталог не существует.
One or more problems were detected with your XML sitemap configuration:
  • The XML sitemap module cannot display its XML output if there is an existing sitemap.xml file in your website root.
  • The directory was not found or is not writable by the server. See http://drupal.org/node/34025 for more information.
  • The XML cached files are out of date and need to be regenerated. You can run cron manually to regenerate the sitemap files.
The minimum amount of time that will elapse before the sitemaps are regenerated. The sitemaps will also only be regenerated on cron if any links have been added, updated, or deleted.
Recommended value: @count день.
When enabled, this will add formatting and tables with sorting to make it easier to view the XML sitemap data instead of viewing raw XML output. Search engines will ignore this.
When enabled, this will fetch all URL aliases at once instead of one at a time during sitemap generation. For medium or large sites, it is recommended to disable this feature as it uses a lot of memory.