Are you sure you want to rebuild the XML sitemap?

This action rebuilds your site's XML sitemap and regenerates the cached files, and may be a lengthy process. If you just installed XML sitemap, this can be helpful to import all your site's content into the sitemap. Otherwise, this should only be used in emergencies.

  • A rebuild is not necessary. If you are just wanting to regenerate the XML sitemap files, you can run cron manually.
  • One or more problems were detected with your XML sitemap configuration:
    • The XML sitemap module cannot display its XML output if there is an existing sitemap.xml file in your website root.
    • The directory was not found or is not writable by the server. See for more information.
    • The XML cached files are out of date and need to be regenerated. You can run cron manually to regenerate the sitemap files.